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1. I have a photo of my grandmother/my boyfriend/dog/bowling club and would like it printed on a pillow/duvet cover/rag. What does this cost?

We do not produce one-off items. The effort for such a request would probably go beyond the desired budget. We recommend a well equipped copy shop capable of making copy transfers and applying them to the desired items.

2. We would like to have T-shirts printed by our association/company/club. Unfortunately, we only have a stamp-sized image of our logo! Is that enough as a template?

In principle no. As a rule of thumb: Ideally, we need a digital template that should have the following properties: A pixel-based file (BMP, PSD, JPEG, etc.) should be created in the desired print format 1:1 and have a resolution of 300 dpi. A vector-based file (Freehand, Illustrator, EPS, CorelDraw, etc.) is freely scalable, but any fonts used (TTF = TrueType Fonts) must be converted into curves or supplied with the print file.

But we don't have any such templates, just this little GIF from the web, and it's only 100x100 pixels and 12 KB in size. What now?

In hopeless cases, we are able to create digital print templates even from insufficient templates. For an extra charge, depending on the effort involved, we can edit the templates or "build" the data from scratch. The customer then receives a view of our work as a digital image. After approval by the customer, we can then produce from the new template.

We don't have a template at all, just an idea and a sketch. Can you do something with this?

The same applies here: For a surcharge for graphic work, we will be happy to design your wishes until they are ready for printing, implement your typographic ideas and revise hand drawings, sketches, etc.

3. I need a print run of 10-20 good quality t-shirts and would like to have different, multicolored motifs printed on the front and back. The offer you then create is quite expensive. How can I save costs?

Expensive is relative! Our price lists show how our prices are calculated. In the example mentioned, costs can be reduced if you ask yourself the following:

  • Could I maybe take a few more shirts? From z. B. 50 pieces, the printing prices are reduced. And the fixed preliminary costs (film and screen preparation) are applied to a larger print run - the individual shirt is therefore cheaper.

  • Does it have to be a multicolored print? Isn't it possible to display the motif/logo/image with fewer colors? Each desired color is associated with additional preliminary costs for film and screen production. Many subjects look just as good, if not better, when reduced to one or two colors.

  • Does it have to be the best T-shirt quality? Many brands offer their models in different grammages. A 165 g/m² shirt, which is sufficient in most cases, is of course noticeably cheaper than a 200 g/m² textile. And if you wear the shirt e.g. B. »only« as a giveaway or for a one-off opportunity, the simpler version is usually sufficient. Of course, all of the items we offer are subject to certain quality requirements, even in the cheaper price regions.

4. I need 500 shirts, printed on one side/one color. I like your offer very much. Unfortunately I need the goods in 4 days for our company party/ABI party/concert. Does it still work?

As a rule, we offer delivery times of 10 working days. This can vary, depending on the utilization of our capacities, the availability of the desired textiles and a few other factors. A timely order (approx. 2 to 4 weeks before the desired delivery date) is therefore very useful. However, we also try to meet tight deadlines. We will always clarify with the customer in advance what is feasible and try to be flexible, even in the case of very urgent matters.

5. I bought very nice shirts/sweaters/polos in a shop. Can I have them printed by you?

We also offer so-called contract printing, which means we also print customer goods. For such orders, we charge a wage printing surcharge on the printing price. In addition, we do not guarantee the durability and washability of our prints on third-party textiles. Please also factor in a waste rate of approx. 2%, ie for every 100 textiles delivered there may well be 2 to 3 misprints.

6. Can I »only« purchase the textiles from you that I can find on your homepage?

no The articles on the homepage form a basic stock of the textiles and goods offered, with which we can usually satisfy a good 90% of our customer wishes. However, we can also offer a few more models, brands and textiles. Ask us about specific items or let us advise you. A solution or the desired item can (almost) always be found.

7. I have a set of jerseys from our sports club and would like our club name printed on them. I believe the shirts are polyester. Is the?

Special textiles such as jerseys, certain jackets, some shirts, etc. sometimes have rather obscure material compositions. In the case of goods delivered by the customer, we must clarify in advance whether the respective fabric can be printed/finished. Not all materials are suitable for our standard printing inks. A preview copy of your textile is therefore indispensable.

Didn't see your problem or question?

Of course, we still offer help and advice through direct contact via conversation, e-mail or telephone.

This usually clears up any ambiguity. And if we can't find a solution or can't offer the items you want, we might have a tip for you on where to find what you're looking for.

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