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Embroider workwear - elegant logo embroidery on your polo shirts, sweaters, work jackets, trousers, blouses, shirts, hats, caps or waistcoats as well as embroidering the individual names of your employees: we offer you high-quality embroidery with high density and noble yarns for a glamorous appearance of your corporate identity .


Embroidery or embroidered emblems are extremely hard-wearing, very durable and durable, and they are extremely pleasant to the touch. They can be designed freely in terms of shape and colour. To be able to embroider a textile, an embroidery program is required. In order to be able to create the program, we need a good quality template. A JPG, TIF, BMP or, ideally, a vector file is suitable for this. Your desired motif is converted into an embroidery program in the so-called punching process. The individual surfaces and contours are processed with special software. The process of punching is decisive for the quality of your embroidered motif.


Your embroidered emblems can be made in advance and quickly attached to the textile. We would be happy to advise you on suitable textiles and positioning (minimum height of the writing: 5 mm). Prices are calculated individually according to motif and effort. The embroidery finishing method is ideal for small runs.

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